Truth in Grit-ness Challenge

How is this structured?

You will be tasked incrementally with weekly challenges based on all four of the tenets of “Do Less Better” –  Nutrition (EAT), Recovery (SLEEP), Activity (NEAT), Training (TRAIN). We understand there is anxiety in the unknown so here is a redacted sample of the first two weeks:

As you can see, the intensity of each task in each category increases each week. You get a check mark for completing the task for the week on our GRIT-GRID that will be hung in the gym.

No measuring or weighing or testing before and after. If you participate in each of the categories throughout the 4 weeks of this challenge, we can promise that you will look, feel, and perform better. If you get all the check marks across all 4 weeks, you get a private Veracity Night Out.

This challenge was designed to set you up for success by helping you strive toward achievable weekly goals so that you can Do. Less. Better. If you are addressing these in earnest for the first time (or first time in a while), we recommend sticking with the suggested minimums. In the redacted weeks above, aim for 3 night of 7+hrs of sleep in week one and then 4 nights in week two. Don’t aim for 14 out of 14 nights in the first two weeks. Small wins = Sustainable = Big changes over time.

We will be assigning you to a coach to help with accountability and engagement. We will encourage you to stay the course – even as it gets tougher (see redacted portions above haha) – and the scales will (literally) tip in your favor.

Will I need to follow a meal plan?

We have been posting nutrition tips on our Instagram page and our Nutrition blog for a while now. We always keep it simple: there is no list of what not to eat. USE THE PLATE METHOD AND DRINK WATER. The nutrition (EAT) tasks will be based on those two guidelines. Send your body goals and what you are eating to our Nutrition Coach Nancy, RD to get a FREE consultation!

What am I actually getting for $39?

For less than $10/wk you are changing your life and that is priceless! But on top of that, you have the opportunity to:

  • Use the gym for steady state monostructural activity up to 3x/wk for the 4 weeks. (More info in the next FAQ) 
  • One extra bonus workout per week. Think “Dave Castro” so expect the unexpected here. These do not have to be done at the gym.
  • One additional “test” on Sat, Feb 11 from 1p-3p. This is not mandatory but we encourage you to show up to see all your newfound grit pay off. It will be a tough but fun 2hr mental and physical CrossFit experience that takes all challenge components and combines them into what we’re calling Veracity Grit Club 1.0.
  • Build community through a shared experience
    • 50 participants =  1 Friday Night Light party
    • 65 participants = 2 Friday Night Light parties
    • 80 participants = 3 Friday Night Light parties

When / Where is this open gym?

Some of the tasks under the NEAT category are to be done outside of class times and can be done at the gym if you want. Steady state monostructural activity is defined as a continuous, steady, moderate effort that is sustained for an extended period of time (steady state) of a repeated pattern of motion (monostructural). Therefore we will accept walking / running, biking, swimming, or rowing at a conversational pace.

Some of these can be done in the back room and we will have a different “GRIT open gym schedule” on CHIP for you to check into. We imagined people most likely coming in either before or after their class so you could check in on the app between 530a – 800a, 900a – 100p, 300p – 730p.

Please note: This is not an all-access open gym – you wouldn’t be able to do a workout (or second workout) or strength work. You will only be allowed to do the steady state monostructural activity per the challenge. Remember this is #dolessbetter not #domorewillynilly.

Please also note: You cannot currently swim in the back room.

If you are still on the fence, consider the following:

You are interested in making a change – in being better – or else you wouldn’t have read down this far.

Being a better partner, sibling, parent, coworker, friend, human starts by actively choosing to work toward growth.  Mental and physical growth come from doing hard things, being comfortable in the uncomfortable, and tackling the unexpected. Nothing changes if nothing changes. We haven’t steered you wrong in the past so put some skin in the game, sign up for the Truth in Grit-ness challenge, be better and unleash your true potential!