Sunday Outline: 7/17 – 7/23

Show your CFV support! Fill the seats of City Hall next Monday, July 24 at the Summit Planning Board meeting at 730p…
New swag! …wearing your new Summer 2017 CFV Forged by Fire shirts. Men’s Shirts, Women’s Shirts, and Unisex Muscle Tanks are available for a 10% discount Pre-Sale through TuesdayJuly 19.
Oh Baby! Congrats to Mike and Steph Green on the arrival of future Fittest Man on Earth, Jackson Scott!
Mon: Sprint, then partner work with Wall Sits & Row
Tues: HPC & FS, then Cleans, Pull-Ups, CTB, BMU & Sprint
Wed: PP, then TTB, DU, & TGU
Thurs: Open Gym ~ Athlete’s Choice
Fri: Ring Dips, then Snatch
Sat: BS, then Suitcase Carry, Thrusters, Pull-Ups & BMU 
Sun: Sprint, DU, TTB, DL, KBS & WB
*Morning Yoga @ 830 am
Our HIIT Track WODs began June 29. Join us to increase your aerobic capacity, refine your running technique and have some fun! Sign up to run with us for the whole summer or try it out for 2 weeks.