Sunday Outline: 7/03 – 7/09

Happy Birthday America…and Sean! Please check Triib for the holiday schedule.
Lots of opportunities to get stronger this week!
Mon: Ring Complex, then Row, KBS & AMSU
Tues: Happy 4th of July! “McGhee”
Wed: Shoulder Press, then Lunges, OH Hold & HBH
Thurs: Open Gym ~ Sean’s Birthday WOD or Athlete’s Choice
Fri: Hang Cleans, then Box Jumps, Pull-Ups & KB SDLHP
Sat: HSPU, then Partner work with WB, Lunges, HSPU & TTB 
Sun: Running Drills, then Row, Sprint, AMSU & DU
*Morning Yoga @ 830 am
Our HIIT Track WODs began June 29. Join us to increase your aerobic capacity, refine your running technique and have some fun! Sign up to run with us for the whole summer or try it out for 2 weeks.