Sunday Outline: 5/22 – 5/28

Back at Back Squats this week!

Mon: Back Squats Week 4 (working sets @ 80%), then TTB, Pull-Ups, BMU & Row
*Silver Steps @ 11:15 am; Evening Yoga @ 850 pm
Tues: RDL, then Sprint (Monday & Tuesday’s programming has been switched to avoid running in the rain. We will be running outside on Tuesday 100% rain or shine!)
Wed: Snatches & AMSU
Thurs: Open Gym ~ Make up any missed Back Squat Program work or Athlete’s Choice
*Silver Steps @ 10:30 am
Fri: Banded KBS, then KB Snatch & Burpee Box Jumps
Sat: Back Squats Week 4 Accessory Work, then SDLHP, PP & HRPU 
Sun: TTB & KBS
*Morning Yoga @ 830 am