Sunday Outline: 5/29 – 6/4

Back squats, birthdays, ball slams, box jumps, and burpees!
Mon: Honoring America’s Heroes… “Rankle” 
Tues: Back Squats Week 5 (working sets @ 65/70/75%), then SDLHP & Burpee Box Jumps
Wed: Celebrating Coach Mike Green’s Birthday with some of his favorite ladies!
Thurs: Open Gym ~ Make up any missed Back Squat Program work or Athlete’s Choice + Birthday finisher
*Silver Steps @ 10:30 am
Fri: HPS, then Ball Slams, Ring Dips & DU
Sat: Kipping, then partner work with DU, Pull-Ups, TTB & Stones 
Sun: Z-Press, then PP, Box Jumps & DL
*Morning Yoga @ 830 am