Sunday Outline: 3/20-3/25

#CFVStrong Please make sure to submit your scores on the before 800p Monday!
Mon: CF Games Open Workout 17.4 (or alternate WOD) – Depending on sign up, there will be two heats per class – one heat you will be the judge, the other heat you will be the athlete. Class cap of 10 people  **Please note that the 750p class will not be able to submit their scores by the 800p deadline.**
Tues: Pull-up Negatives, then SDLHP, HPC&J & Shoulder Taps Class cap of 8 people
Wed: Box Jumps, then HPS & OHL Class cap of 8 people
Thurs: Push Press, then Row Class cap of 8 people
Fri: Open Gym (or 17.5 by request) Class cap of 8 people  **No 520p class. Friday Night Lights Starts at 600p.**
Sat: FS, PP, CTB, DL, DU & Sprint Class cap of 8 people  **Reminder: An 830a class has been added to the schedule.**
Sun: Handstand Hold, then AMSU, Air Squats, DU, Box Jumps, KBS, Push-Ups, Front Rack Lunges & HSPU Class cap of 8 people