Sunday Outline: 3/27-4/02

That’s a wrap on a great 2017 CrossFit Open! Congratulations on all of your PRs and hard work. JOIN US FOR A CFV COMMUNITY CELEBRATION this Saturday, April 1 after the morning WODs. Bring your favorite dish/snack, catch up with box mates & help finish the keg. This event is open to all members (regardless of your participation in The Open) and families.
Don’t forget to submit your scores on the before 800p Monday!
Mon: CF Games Open Workout 17.4 (or alternate WOD of FS, PP & SU) – Depending on sign up, there will be two heats per class – one heat you will be the judge, the other heat you will be the athlete. Class cap of 8 people  **Please note that the 750p class will not be able to submit their scores by the 800p deadline.**
Tues: Heavy Snatch work, then Squat Snatch, Pull-Ups & C&J Class cap of 8 people
Wed: HBH, TTB & KBS Class cap of 8 people
Thurs: Open Gym ~ Athlete’s Choice Class cap of 12 people
Fri: Happy Birthday Sam! AMSU, OHL, Thrusters, Row, HSWU & DU Class cap of 12 people  
Sat: Happy Birthday Susan! Workout TBD Class cap of 12 people **Potluck Celebration begins 11:30 am** 
Sun: Heavy C&J work, then Box Jumps, AMSU, Wall Balls & KBS Class cap of 12 people