Sunday Outline: 3/13-3/19

#forgedbyfire  Thank you for your continued patience and support. Our community’s concerns are a top priority and will be handled promptly.
#snOwMG Final decision on Tuesday morning classes will be made by 10p Monday night. Final decision on Tuesday evening classes will be made by 3p Tuesday. Make sure you get our updates! Login to your TRIIB profile from a web browser (not the app), click on the settings tab on the left hand side of the page, select text messaging, and enter the verification code.
#CFVStrong Please make sure to submit your scores on the before 800p Monday!
Mon: CF Games Open Workout 17.3 – Depending on sign up, there will be two heats per class – one heat you will be the judge, the other heat you will be the athlete. Class cap of 10 people  **Please note that the 750p class will not be able to submit their scores by the 800p deadline.**
Tues: Pull-up Negatives & Pistol work, then Plyo Push-ups, Pistols & DU Class cap of 8 people
Wed: DT Complex, then HSPU & HSWU Class cap of 8 people
Thu: Pause Cleans, then Jackie Class cap of 8 people
Fri: Open Gym (or 17.4 by request if you have a judge for yourself) Class cap of 8 people  **No 520p class. Friday Night Lights Starts at 600p.**
Sat: Push-ups & DU Class cap of 8 people  **Reminder: An 830a regular class has been added to the schedule.**
Sun: Man-makers, then KBS, weighted Step-ups & L-sits Class cap of 8 people