Sunday Outline: 3/7-3/12

#forgedbyfire  I will be sending out a newsletter Tuesday afternoon with Fire Update #6. Thank you to everyone for their support and patience!  All classes this week are being held at the 2626 Morris Ave, Union, NJ 07083 again. Please be sure to RSVP in advance to reserve your spot (space is limited). Additionally please be respectful and un-RSVP if you are not going to attend so people on the wait list can get a spot in class!
#CFVStrong Please make sure to submit your scores on the before 800p
Mon: CF Games Open Workout 17.2. There will be two heats per class – one heat you will be the judge, the other heat you will be the athlete. Class cap of 10 people. **Please note that the 750p class will not be able to submit their scores by the 800p deadline.**
Tue: Jeff K’s BDay Heavy DL then SDLHP, WB, DU. Class cap of 8 people.
Wed: Pressing Complex then OHS, thrusters, KTEs. Class cap of 8 people.
Thu: Jeff K’s Bday wod! Row, Box Jumps, KBS, Cleans. Class cap of 10 people.
Fri: Open Gym or 17.3 by request if you have a judge for yourself. Class cap of 8 people. No 520p class. Friday Night Lights Starts at 600p.
Sat: Partner WOD with box jumps and AMSU, AMSU. Added an 830a regular class. Class cap of 16 people 🙂
Sun: Snatch work then chin up, Back Squats. Class cap of 8 people.
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