Sunday Outline: 2/13-2/19

The CrossFit Open begins in less than 2 weeks! Make sure you are a part of the excitement – REGISTER here.
Make sure you get our updates! Login to your TRIIB profile from a web browser (not the app), click on the settings tab on the left hand side of the page, select text messaging, and enter the verification code.
Mon: Mags’s Birthday WOD with HKR, Cleans, Bear Complex, STO, Ball Slams, KBS, Back Squats & Plank
Tue: Partner work with Sled Push, OHS & HBR
Wed: Strict Pull Ups, then WB, DU & RMU
Thu: Athlete’s Choice or Lurong WOD Week 1 Retest with Snatches, DL, Box Jump Overs, HRPU & Thrusters
Fri: Ben’s Birthday Destruction! with Row, DU, AMSU, Plyo Push Ups & OHL
Sat: DL, HPC, FS, Thrusters & STO
Sun: Snatch, Pull Ups & Thrusters
Our Fundraising February is underway! Make a donation in honor of your hard work and perseverance to support One Summit‘s efforts to help children with cancer.  Give a quarter or dollar for every muscle up you make in February, for every wall ball that hits above the red line, or for every strict pull up, etc. You can donate directly through the CFV CrowdRise Team Page.
Please make sure you are registering (“RSVP”-ing) for classes before you show up and “Checking In” to classes at the computer when you arrive.