Sunday Outline: 2/12 – 2/18

The fun is in the community…


#goals… Schedule your 1:1 Goal Meeting to finalize your 3/6/12 month goals. Our 2018 Goal Board is up! Add your personal Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Time-bound crossfit goals to the front white board.
The CFV Intramural CF Open has begun! The worldwide CrossFit Open registration is live. Sign up now! Be sure to add yourself to the CFV Team and sign your name to the in-house Open board.
There is always something happening in the CFV Community…
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Schedule changes beginning February 21!

Please consider making a DONATION in support of Summit Police Officer Ruddy Garita’s Police Unity Tour fundraiser.

Mon: Back Squats, then Ride
*Silver Steps @ 10:00 am
Tues: HSPU, Air Squats & KBS
Wed: Valentine’s Day Duel: Partner work with WB, DU, Box Jumps, AMSU & Sandbag Cleans
*Silver Steps @ 10:00 am
Thurs: Athlete’s Choice
*Evening Yoga @ 7:30 pm
Fri: DL, CTB & Shoot-Throughs
*Silver Steps @ 10:00 am
Sat: TTB, DU, Cleans, Lunges, Power Snatches, AMSU, Thrusters & Sprint
Sun: Row, OH DB Walk & HSPU
*Morning Yoga @ 9:00 am