Sunday Outline: 1/30-2/5

Join us for the Nate Hardy WOD Challenge Fundraiser on Saturday, February 4. Nate was a Navy SEAL, Purple Heart recipient, and hero killed in action on February 4, 2008.
Ask family and friends to make a donation for each round you complete, make a donation yourself for all of your hard work, support a fellow box mate by donating in honor of their workout, and/or bring a friend to sweat by your side for the cause.
Suggested donation is $5 per round. Money raised will be collected at CFV and goes directly to the One Summit Boston Marathon Team.
Mon: Cleans then Grace
Tue: Pendlay Row & DU, then Power Snatch, HRPU, DL & Pull Ups
Wed: TGU & OHL, then Thrusters & TTB
Thu: Athlete’s Choice or Lurong WOD Week 3
Fri: Happy Birthday Anne Marie! WB, Box Jumps, CTB, Dips & Row
Sat: **Nate Hardy Memorial Fundraiser**
Sun: Snatch work, then OHS & AMSU
The CrossFit Open begins February 23! REGISTER here. We are looking for 100% participation!
Please make sure you are registering (“RSVP”-ing) for classes before you show up and “Checking In” to classes at the computer when you arrive.