Sunday Outline: 1/23-1/29

The CrossFit Open begins February 23! REGISTER here. We are looking for 100% participation!
One of the Lurong Livings partners, Danny Putnam, will be hosting a Live Q&A on Facebook this Monday night at 9pm EST. If anyone has questions, concerns, thoughts, whatever it may be, please feel free to become apart of the conversation via Lurong Living’s Facebook page.
Mon: Happy Birthday Marina! DL, WB, Row, Pull Ups, AMSU, Ball Slams & Push Ups
Tue: Bottoms Up Kettlebell Press, then HPC, HRPU & CTB
Wed: Happy Birthday Lauren K! Box Jumps, KBS, Lunges, KTE, PP, WB & DU
Thu: Athlete’s Choice or Lurong WOD Week 2 with WB, DU & Wall AMSU
Fri: Power Clean Week 6, then C&J & RMU
Sat: WB, Box Jumps, KBS, DU, AMSU, HRPU & Goblet Squats
Sun: RMU work, then TTB, Ball Slams, Rope Climbs & Lunges
Please make sure you are registering (“RSVP”-ing) for classes before you show up and “Checking In” to classes at the computer when you arrive.