Sunday Outline: 1/16-1/22

The CrossFit Open begins February 23! REGISTER here. We are looking for 100% participation!
CFV is participating in the 2017 Lurong Living Resolution Challenge. We are forming a team to work together. Make the commitment and sign up to join us!
Our Goal Board is up in the front hallway! Talk to your coaches about how to set measurable, attainable goals for the months and year ahead.
Mon: MLK Memorial partner workout with Yoke Walks, Wall Sits & DU
Tue: Barbara
Wed: Power Clean Week 5, then Row & Back Rack Lunges
Thu: Athlete’s Choice or Lurong WOD Week 1 with Snatches, DL, Box Jump Overs, HRPU & Thrusters
Fri: HSPU work, then WB, Thrusters & HSWU
Sat: Partner work with DU & Sprint
Sun: Happy Birthday Amy K!
Please make sure you are registering (“RSVP”-ing) for classes before you show up and “Checking In” to classes at the computer when you arrive.