Sunday Outline: 10/24-10/30

Bathrooms in the front are still not usable. Apologies for the inconvenience. But there is good news too…
Come out to support members of the Truth in Fitness tribe competing this Saturday, October 29 at ‘Rock the Wod’ in West Essex! Don’t have any TIF clothing to represent the box at the event? Or want to add to your collection of awesome shirts? New fall swag is available for pre-order: T-Shirts & Tanks and Hoodies.
All orders are expected to arrive in time for our CFV Night Out. Join us at the NJ Devils game on Saturday, November 12.
Mon: Snatch Complex then HPS & OHS
Tue: Push Press then SDLHP & HSPU
Wed: Back Squat Week 2, then Power Cleans, TTB & WB
Thu: Athlete’s Choice
Fri: Row Bowling! Then more Rowing & Front Rack Hold
Sat: Ball Slams, Pistols & Box Jump Overs
Sun: Thrusters, DU & Sprint