Sunday Outline: 10/31-11/6

Pre-order for the new fall swag ends today, Monday October 31!  NJ Devils tickets can be added to the monthly invoice.
Bathrooms in the front are still out…but there is progress. The landlord is working on securing permits from the county to open the road.
Mon: Happy Halloween! Back Squat Week 3, then Zombie-style Pumpkin Smash, Body Bag Squats & Graveyard Chase
Tue: Bench Press then HSWU, Box Jumps & AMSU
Wed: Weighted Pull Ups & Ring Dips, then Row & 1-Handed KBS
Thu: Athlete’s Choice
Fri: Happy Birthday Mary! Team Sled Push, Tire Flips, DU & HPC
Sat: Back Squat Week 4, then Kipping, Pull Ups, Push Ups, DL, Front Squats & DU
Sun: Broad Jump, then Snatch & TTB
Fall Swag Pre-Sale: T-Shirts & Tanks and Hoodies
NJ Devils, November 12: CFV Night Out
Make sure you listen with the sound on: Starch Marks & Pregananant