Sunday Outline: 10/2-10/8

New Schedule begins Monday! Be sure to check Triib for the latest updates.
GSO is here! Come support our TIF family competing this Saturday at CF908 in Berkeley Heights. And for even more fun back at home, Coach Jared, of “Tuesdays with Jerry” fame, will be leading classes all morning at CFV.
Mon: DU, SB Cleans, HSWU & Sprints
*Silver Steps @ 11:00 am
Tues: Front Rack Lunge and Pull-Ups, then AMSU & KBS
Wed: Snatch Week 2, then HPC, TTB & Box Jumps
*Silver Steps @ 11:00 am
Thurs: Athlete’s Choice – Make up any Barbell Cycle work
Fri: DL, then Sprint
*Silver Steps @ 11:00 am
Sat: KB Snatch, OHL and Sprints, then STOH, AMSU & DU
Sun: Happy Birthday Kristie & Steph! Hanging out with Mary or Cindy to celebrate…
*Morning Yoga @ 8:30 am