Sunday Outline: 7/2 – 7/8

Do. Less. Better.

Revised schedule for this Summer Weekends noted below!
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Mon: Barbell complex, then STO, Box Jumps, TTB
Tues: Pullups, then “Girl” workout
Wed*: Rope Climbs, Dumbbells, Air Bike, and what else? oh my!
*July 4th Holiday Schedule:  730 am / 900 am / 1030 am
Thurs: Bench Press, then Med Ball things and Lunges
Fri: Fast, then HPC, HSPU, RMU
Sat*: Barbell complex, then KB and HSWU
*Revised Sat Schedule: 730 am / 900 am / 1030 am 
Sun*: Yoke, Air Squats, DU
*Revised Sun Schedule: 800 am / 930 am / 1100 am / 1200 pm Yoga
Breathing ladder coming soon…