Sunday Outline: 6/18 – 6/24

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Barbell Club is hereLed by Coach Mike, these Thursday sessions will be offered at 7:45 pm and kick off June 21. There is a strict 10 person class cap to preserve a high level of personal attention to making you a better Olympic Lifter. Register now!

Mon: Air Squats, TTB & Row, then FS, STO & Row
Tues: DL, then Pull-Ups, Push-Ups & Sprint
Wed: Shoulder Press, then OHS & Sprint
Thurs: Back Squat, then Box Jumps, Thrusters & BMU
Fri: HPS, then Bike, WB, DB Snatch & DU
Sat: Weighted Ring Dips, then KBS, AMSU, Tuck-ins & TTB 
Sun: Row, DL & Bike