Sunday Outline: 5/08 – 5/14

Exciting things happening this week for the Truth in Fitness Tribe!

Come out to support your fellow box mates competing in Barbells & Beers @ CrossFit 908 this Saturday, May 13. Our athletes start sweating at 915 am and the event wraps on the podium at 215 pm.
Demolition has started at 308! One step closer to reconstruction and our move back home…
Mon: Heavy DL, then DL, WB & Ring Dips
*Silver Steps @ 11:15 am; Evening Yoga @ 850 pm
Tues: It’s Beauty’s Birthday! PC, Box Jump Overs, MBC, WAMSU & Hill Sprints
Wed: Back Squats Week 3 (tempo squats; working sets @ 60/65/70/75%), then KTE, FS & HRPU
Thurs: Open Gym ~ Make up any missed Back Squat Program work or Athlete’s Choice
*Silver Steps @ 10:30 am
Fri: DU & CTB, then KBS, L-Sit & Hand Stand work    
Sat: Heavy HPC, FS, Split Jerk complex, then Sprint, STOH, AMSU & Box Jumps 
Sun: Row, Pull-Ups, HSPU, DB Snatch & TTB
*Morning Yoga @ 830 am