Sunday Outline: 12/26-1/1

Happy Holidays! Reminder – no 5:30 am classes this week. Check the schedule for temporary schedule changes through Jan 2, 2017.
Register HERE for Coach Arianna’s Shoulder Stability & Mobility seminar on Thursday, December 29 at 10 am and 7 pm.
Please make sure you are registering (“RSVP”-ing) for classes before you show up and “Checking In” to classes at the computer when you arrive.
Mon: Rowling, then AMSU and Plank finisher
Tue: HS work, then DL & BMU
Wed: OHS, then Row, OHS, Ring Rows, HSWU
Thu: Athlete’s Choice & Arianna’s Mobility Seminar
Fri: HPC Week 3, then DB HPS & Box Jump Overs
Sat: Happy Birthday Coach Stacey! TGU and Rope Climbs, then Row, DL, Push Ups, DU, PC, KBS, TTB & Lunges
Sun: Fran!
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