Sunday Outline: 12/27-01/02

As we collectively go through a fourth COVID-19 wave, Veracity Athletics has decided to simplify our protocols through January 30, 2021. Rather than mandate, our simplified protocols are three (3) very strong suggestions on how we can all help keep each other safe as we get through this end-of-the-year-get-togethers’ spike:
– please do not take any in person class if you are not feeling well
– please wear a mask in class through Jan 30, 2022
– please be considerate of everyone in class (the cap is now 11 people)
For full details, please click here:

Interested in learning about what it takes to coach at Veracity? Join us for an informational meeting on Saturday, January 8th at 11:30a. We will discuss the three phases of our Coaches Development Program as well as the timeline and expectations of the program. Please fill out this form to reserve your spot:

January will begin our Nutrition Challenge: Sign up for this because the novelty of whatever you decide on doing starting January 1st will be over by the time this starts. Kickoff meeting will be held on 1/15 @ 12PM. Speak to a coach in class if you are interested!

Beginning January 23rd – Bulletproof Shoulder 4 Week Workshop with Dr. Allison… Would you like to improve your HSPU? Are your shoulders “tight”? Do you need to modify overhead movements? Stay tuned for more information.

Be sure to keep an eye on our schedule this week! It’s a bit different for the holiday. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!