Sunday Outline: 1/01 – 1/07

New Year’s Resolution #1: Be more awesome than last year!
Reminder: Last chance to participate in our ‘Bottoms Up’ Charity Diaper Drive in support of the Oranges Food Pantry. The donation box will be at the front desk for the next few days. Thank you for your generous contributions.
There is always something happening in the CFV Community…
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Mon: Happy New Year! Celebrating with “Fran”
Abbreviated holiday schedule: 745 am & 10 am
Tues: Power Snatch, then Box Jumps, Power Snatch & Push-Ups
Wed: Rope Climbs, DB Deadlifts & DB Front Rack Lunges
*Silver Steps @ 10:30 am
Thurs: Athlete’s Choice
Fri: Tuck-Ins, Dips, then PC&J & TTB
*Silver Steps @ 10:30 am
Sat: Sandbag Cleans, Box Jumps & L-Hang
Sun: WB, Row, GHD Sit-Ups & HSPU
*Morning Yoga @ 9:00 am