Sunday Outline: 03/21-03/27

Mon: Front Squats at 65% or 16.4 make up* then thruster, box jump, row
Tue: Nick D Bodyweight Birthday wod with running, pullups, pushups, TTB, air squats, ring dips
Wed: BTN Split Jerk then Push Press and DU
Thu: Athlete’s Choice
Fri: CF Games Open Workout 16.5
Sat: Actual class with a regular wod. Workout to be announced Saturday at class
Sun: CF Games Open Workout 16.5 retest at 745a and 300p only!
*There will be a small amount of time allotted for a final retest of 16.4 after the warm up of each class on Monday. If you plan on doing this, please arrive early, mobilize accordingly, and be ready to go with a judge.
CFV Night Out to celebrate the End of the Open on Sat, April 2nd, 800p at Huntley Tavern!
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