Sunday Outline: 03/14-03/20

Mon: partner warm up (or 16.3 make up*) then WB, KBS and row finisher
Tue: 0:00-9:59 of DL and TTB then 10:00-20:00 of Power Clean and Thrusters
Wed: Handstand work then HPC, Box Jumps, HSPU
Thu: Athlete’s Choice
Fri: CF Games Open Workout 16.4
Sat: Actual class with a regular wod. Workout to be announced Saturday
Sun: CF Games Open Workout 16.4 retest
*There will be a small amount of time allotted for a final retest of 16.3 at the beginning of each class on Monday. If you plan on doing this, please arrive early, mobilize, do the 16.3 warm up and be ready to go at the start of the class with a judge.
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