Staying Healthy at CFV

All things considered, there is a lower risk of picking up the coronavirus at a gym namely because sweat does not transmit COVID-19 and we have enough space to not be on top of each other during class.

With that being said here are a few things we are doing to be extra vigilant at CFV:

  • Coaches have been instructed to wipe down high traffic grabby areas (door handles, locks, faucets, etc) at the start and end of their shifts and between classes as well
  • Instead of using the mouse (also to be wiped down) to check-in, you can just check-in on your iPhone. Click here for the simple instructions
  • There are double the wipes in the gym via a new, fancy, wall-mounted wipes dispenser
  • The professional cleaners have been slipped an extra Benjamin to be generous with their disinfectant

Also, here are a few things we are asking of you that all center around being respectful of others:

  • Please RSVP and monitor the class caps and set up notifications for when you are removed from the wait list. Click here for the simple instructions
  • Please just stay home if you are not feeling well
  • Please wipe down your bike and rower handles, DB, KB, barbells – before and after you workout
  • Happy to accept your help wiping down any other high traffic grabby areas during class should you feel the need

We would love to help with decreasing the amount of times you touch your face, but that one ultimately is on you.

If you are still concerned due to being considered high-risk by your doctor, just shoot us an email and if necessary, we would be happy to place a hold on your membership and restart your access and membership charges when you feel comfortable returning.

If there are mass school closings and you need to stay home to care for family, we will provide at home versions of the workout. I never thought I would type this but we have a plethora of toilet paper rolls thanks to Amazon subscribe-and-save so if you need some for home, just ask.

In general, Barack O made a good point in a recent tweet: Stay calm, listen to experts, and follow the science.

Releasing you back into the (actual?) wild – CFV