One (Chalk It Pro) App To Rule Them All

We have been using two apps at Veracity: the Triib app for class reservations and the Chalk It Pro (CHIP) app for logging workouts. This did not bring us joy. We thank the Triib app for its many years of service and we proudly present the CHIP app as the #oneapptorulethemall. (And while humorous, please don’t read that as #oneapptoruletheMALL.)

This gives us one centralized interface to communicate with you best and has the added benefit of decluttering your phone.

Once you reload the most up to date version of the CHIP app you should be able to see a calendar button on the bottom right hand side of the app. From there you can reserve classes as usual. Swipe left to remove yourself from class at least 30min prior to the start of class per our Class Reservation Policy. The “No-Show Fee” as outlined there will be in effect one February 14, 2022.

Please reach out to the Affiliate Manager if you have any questions.