Class Reservations

Simple Best Practices:

The best practice is kindness. Be considerate and realistic with your scheduling and only reserve a spot for a class time that you can actually attend. We understand life comes up so if you need to cancel your RSVP, we ask that you please do so as early as possible to give a fellow member the opportunity to reserve their spot.


Class: a group fitness class, seminar, workshop, etc.

Class Time: The start of Class as shown on the app.

RSVP Commencement: The time before a Class that someone can register (RSVP) for that Class.

RSVP: A successful registration for a class results in the removal of an available spot for other members in that Class.

Cancel RSVP Cutoff: The time before a Class Time that one may cancel an RSVP.

No-Show: Designation assigned to any member who is registered for a Class but does not show up to participate for at least 30 minutes of the Class


An RSVP is required before attending a Class.

The RSVP Commencement will be 48 hours before the Class Time.

The Cancel RSVP Cutoff will be 30 minutes before the Class Time.

There will be No-Show penalties for not showing up to a Class that you have an RSVP for.


Every No-Show removes an allowable attendance from your account for the week.

Every No-Show starting with your second no-show of the week will result in a $15 fee being charged to your account.

Net proceeds of this “No-Show Fee” will be donated to Bridges Outreach whose mission is to end homelessness through volunteer-driven outreach and individual case management focusing on health, housing, and independence.

Please reach out with any questions to the person of record HERE