Grit-ness Week 2: Let’s get gritty with it!

Welcome to Week 2! Let’s get right to it:


You now have a week’s worth of proof that the plate method really isn’t that hard. Your first task this week is to incorporate the plate method for BOTH lunch AND dinner for 4 days of the week. You are working toward consistency day over day now and you can do it!

Your second task is to again drink (a lot) water and you need to do this for 4 days of the week. This has actually been one of the tougher tasks for people so you are not alone. Besides all the extra steps you are getting by going to the bathroom so many more times than you are used to, you are now operating at a hydrated level. Pro tip: start your day with a glass of water to get a jump start on your total ounces!

Don’t forget to send any specific questions to Nancy, RD and schedule a FREE consultation to optimize all these good habits!


Your first task this week is to get 7hr+ sleep a night for 4 nights of the week. Try using the 3-2-1 method at the end of your day. No eating 3 hrs before bed, no drinking 2 hrs before bed, no screens 1 hr before bed. These are not hard line regulations but suggestions that will help if you had a harder time with this task last week.

Your second task is to incorporate breath work for at least 2 days this week. I like the Breathly app (except that you need to have your phone nearby) so flip you phone screen down, close your eyes, and select the “Square Technique”. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you either fall asleep or destress yourself as you move into a parasympathetic state. Accumulate 20 cycles (+/- 5min) twice a day and perform one of those in and out through the nose only. 


Your first task this week is to get 30 minutes of additional steady state monostructural activity for two days this week. Walking is KING (see what I did there?) so when in doubt, walk it out 🙂 This can also simultaneously satisfy your second task of going for an outdoor walk. More on that below in the Bonus section…


Your first task this week stays consistent with 3 CrossFit group classes. Reach out to your accountability coach if you have any questions on this. Focus on hitting the goals for the level you choose in your workouts.

Your second task this week is 30 unbroken seconds of a cold shower or plunge (from the neck down) on 4 days this week. In addition, on one of those 30secs on one day, you have to get your face/head under. Depending on how much hair you have, this kicks things up a notch so just be prepared for a different kind of brain freeze. Continue to address the uncomfortable feeling before turning the water all. the. way. cold and use your breathing to address the uncomfortable feeling of the cold water hitting your body. Pro tip: submerge yourself on an exhale and try to move to nasal breathing (not while your face/head is under) if you can.


Your extra bonus at home workout for the week is as follows:

60min walk, no headphones, alone, nasal breathing*

A lot of people get excited for Murph – the generally hour long hero workout that even the non-CrossFit world knows about. Hopefully you get equally as excited for a one hour walk with the person who knows you best: you! No music, podcasts, or recorded white noise. You and your thoughts – outdoors ideally so you can simultaneously satisfy your second NEAT task as well – for 1 hr. Remember, is it that ‘you don’t have time’ or that you “you don’t want to make the time”…

*Since you are just walking and you have no one to verbalize with, you should be able to walk the entire time with your mouth closed and only breath in through your nose and out through your nose. You may be surprised at how much of a mouthbreather you actually are.

Simple but not easy. Straightforward but consider what thoughts go through your head and try to make them as positive as possible.

As always, reach out with any questions!