Veracity Athletics Intramural Open 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Veracity Athletics Intramural Open, where the RED team and the BLUE team will face off once again, in a competition based on sportsmanship and participation. Your captains Erika and Megan for team Blue, and Dan and Sanjay for team Red are looking forward to leading you this season.

Below outlines important dates for our Open Community Events:

2/25 Wk 1 Friday Night Lights (5:00p-7:15p)

2/28 Wk 1 Monday GPP

3/4Wk 2 Friday Night Lights (5:00p-7:15p)

3/7 Wk 2 Monday GPP

3/11 Wk 3 Friday Night Lights (5:00p-7:15p)

3/14 Wk 3 Monday GPP

3/19 Veracity Night Out (and End of Open Celebration) at Huntley Tavern

Our scoring system is NOT based on your performance during the workouts, but your enthusiasm. Here’s how you can earn points for your team:

  1. Submit your workout score on by 8PM EST on the Monday following the workout release.
  2. Attend Friday Night Lights events sporting your team color.
  3. Post your favorite photo from the workout to social media by Wednesday at 9PM. Up to two posts per person, per week will be counted. Gym must be tagged.

NEW for this year: Weekly Photo Contest!

  1. Take a photo during FNL (Friday Night Lights), post to your Instagram or Facebook account, and tag the gym (stories will not be counted for this part).
  2. The gym will re-post the top 3 photos from the event on Tuesday.
  3. The photo with the most combined likes/comments at the end of the Open will win!
  4. Prizes will be given to members in the photo at the end of the contest.

We can’t wait to see what you will all accomplish this Open season! Looking forward to an awesome few weeks of FUN!