Sunday Outline: 11/28-12/04

NEW SWAG FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Looking for that perfect holiday gift? Miss our last swag order? Need a beanie for the colder weather? Check out our next drop – same awesome design, different clothing items perfect for winter! Click here to order! Form closes MONDAY 12 MIDNIGHT!

FREE SEMINAR THIS SUNDAY! 10a! We breathe approximately 25,000 times per day. More if we exercise. What you breathe with and how you breathe impacts a multitude of things. Breathing poorly during exercise can negatively impact everything from hip, shoulder and back position to blood pressure, heart rate and certain highly influential hormone levels. Join Dr. Dimitry Polyakov, PT as he breaks down proper breathing mechanics and breathing strategies to optimize and correct how we move, lift, squat and more! 

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! 12/10 Veracity Athletics Annual HOLIDAY PARTY! RSVP via e-vite in your inbox. Didn’t get an invitation? Email [email protected] and let us know. Please bring your significant other and your favorite holiday dessert. We’ll be partying from 800p onwards! See you then!

LAST HILL CITY RUCK CLUB meeting this week! We are a club dedicated to MOVING during the day! Join us for a 45min walk/ruck at 12:10p. We will meet on the sidewalk of the Village Green across from the train station. Break up your work day with fresh air and some extra steps! Email [email protected] with any questions. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS AND COWORKERS! See you there!