Sunday Outline: 10/23-10/29

“Sweat is magic…cover yourself in it daily to grant your wishes.”
Big things happening at 308!  We’re getting closer to our move back to the MotherShip. Thank you to everyone who helped paint over the weekend. Keep your fingers and toes crossed as we move through final inspections over the next weeks.
There is always something happening in the CFV Community…
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Mon: DB Power Snatch & TTB, then Front Squats
*Silver Steps @ 11:00 am
Tues: Bench Press, then Sprint, DL, HPC, STOH, CTB & Box Jumps
Wed: Snatch Week 5, then Back Rack Lunge, SDLHP, DU & AMSU
*Silver Steps @ 11:00 am
Thurs: Athlete’s Choice – Make up any Barbell Cycle work
Fri: Sprint, TGU, L-Hang, Thrusters, Pull-Ups & HSPU
*Silver Steps @ 11:00 am
Sat: C&J & TTB
Sun: Row, then WB, KBS & Box Jumps
*Morning Yoga @ 8:30 am