Ariel Ruck

Affiliate Manager, Coach, Two Left Feet

My story’s a little different because I didn’t exactly choose CrossFit. I barely even knew what it was. My mom, who had been doing it for years, told me I had to join with no doubt that I would love it… She was right (she’s always right). Almost 3 years and a certification later, I really can’t imagine ever not doing CrossFit.

Growing up meant summers at sleep away camp and school nights at practice, whichever sport was in season. Everything from ballet to rugby. And although there isn’t anyone at CFV that can bust moves like my college dance team, there’s no community like it anywhere else in the “adult” world. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, I’ve become more confident in myself and have about 150 more like-minded friends, who encourage each other everyday to work harder and achieve more than we ever thought possible.


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified – ANSI Accredited
  • CrossFit Weightlifting Certified – Burgener Strength