June is Community Appreciation Month!

This June we are celebrating our amazing community with special programming, events, extra classes, and FUN!

First, let’s start off with our NEW CLASS OFFERINGS (which this month you can attend ON TOP of your regular 3x/week or 5x/week CF classes for free).

Multi-Erg Class Thursdays at 12:10 – Think 30-45 min of continuous movement at a moderate intensity. Ski, Bike, Row +. That’s the goal of our Multi-Erg class. There is a time for shorter, higher intensity workouts and then there is a time for longer, lower impact, moderate movement. Thursdays will be just that.

Sunday Strong classes June 11 & 25 – 2 classes offered at 9:15 and 10:30 that will get you moving in different ways! Think sand bags, sleds, rope climbs etc.

Family Workout June 18th– 2 classes offered to you AND your family! The workouts will be difficult but also geared towards the whole family. We couldn’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day than with a family sweat sesh!

June 5-18 GLOBAL ASSESSMENTS: We will be assessing levels we haven’t seen come up in programming to afford all of you an opportunity to complete all 15 tests and hopefully LEVEL UP! Over the course of the two weeks we will be assessing Upper Body Push, Weightlifting, Neuro&Core, Squat Endurance, Rings, Upper/Lower Endurance, Running, Upper Body Pull, and Lactic Tolerance!

June 19-25 BRING A FRIEND WEEK: Each day you can bring a friend(or friends) to try Veracity for FREE! You can also bring the same friend (s) all week long! The workouts will be potent, but will also offer an opportunity for those who are new to CF to throw down alongside our seasoned athletes. We look forward to meeting lots of new faces.

June 26- July 2 HERO WEEK: Hero workouts are an opportunity to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep us and our communities safe. All week (leading into the 4th of July) we will be completing a variety of workouts to lift up and remember these amazing American heroes- whether in the military, the police force, the fire department, EMS, or other community roles such as nurses and teachers.

And last, but not least, our Member Appreciation Happy Hour on June 23rd! We will be honoring and celebrating YOU – our amazing members – who make our community what it is – the Happiest Gym in Summit. We will have an open bar and pizza from 5-7(ish) and are looking forward to celebrating Veracity and the summer with you!