Auriemma Biathlon Fundraiser

We are rallying around one of our own, Annette Auriemma, as her family has gone through a truly tough year. First her husband, Jerry, and now her 26 year old son, Chris, are both going through cancer treatments simultaneously.

Here is how Veracity Athletics is putting a CrossFit touch on a fundraiser for Annette and her family:

The Auriemma Biathlon: 40min AMRAP – score is total calories on the rower

Teams of 3 get one rower and one Nerf gun (“6-shooter”).

Each person on the team starts their workout interval by rowing for a minimum of 10 calories or a maximum of 20 calories. Once completed, the athlete then performs 4 burpees, picks up the 6-shooter, and shoots at targets approximately 5m away. Every target hit adds 10 calories to the team’s rowing total! Once done with the rootin’-tootin’-shootin’, the athlete performs a final 4 burpees before the next teammate can start on the rower. Top two teams win one free 3:1 session with coach of choice and a each person on the team gets a free entry in our Concept2 raffle!

There are three ways you can help (do one, two, or all three!):

  • Sign up for the Auriemma Biathlon workout and come have fun in person


  • Purchase an exclusive (only 50 entries sold) raffle ticket where you could win a brand new Black Concept2 Model D Rower PM5

SOLD OUT *Winner was Jose C! Picked live via FB Community live video

  • Donate directly to their GoFundMe page