7 Ways to get the most out of nutrition coaching

Exercise and excellent nutrition are powerful tools at your disposal to help you strengthen your immune system and keep stress hormones in check.

You’ve probably seen information on social media about our nutrition program and the benefits of doing one-on-one nutrition coaching. Whether virtual or in person, one-on-one nutrition coaching, can keep you on track and focused even when obstacles appear to be mounting in front of you.

Whatever your WHY… HOW can you get the most out of your one-on-one nutrition coaching experience? As you contemplate getting started with nutrition coaching, here’s a list of the top 7 ways you can get the most out of your nutrition coaching experience:

  1. Sign up for a long term approach – be ready to commit to at least 3 months of improving your nutrition from the beginning and roll into a wellness membership for accountability to really learn healthy habits.
  2. Show up for your monthly nutrition appointments, whether virtually or in person, and participate in regular virtual check-ins with your nutrition coach via the HSN app. Staying connected with your coach helps you to identify your bright spots and find simple strategies to help you move towards your goals. 
  3. Be Honest. Honestly logging your food helps your nutrition coach highlight bright spots and areas for improvement. Log your food – the good, the bad and the ugly!  
  4. Adopt one healthy habit at a time and make this a part of your foundation to avoid the quick-fix mentality. Your nutrition coach will help you identify just a few action steps each month to help you avoid the temptation of making too many changes all at once and getting overwhelmed and burnt out.
  5. Meal prep. Pick out a time each week that you can prep a couple of simple things to deal with busy times of the day. Going into the week with a plan, and ready-made meals is a great way to stay consistent with healthy eating. 
  6. Don’t stress over your food. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef and make fancy recipes. Your coach will give you some simple recipes from the https://veracityathletics.com/healthy-recipes/ website to help get you started on balancing your plate, and help give you tips for finding the whole, real foods at the grocery store. 
  7. Commit to your health. Click on the link to book your free intro and get started with nutrition coaching today: CFV True Nutrition 15 minute free consult.