2020 CFV Intramural Open Schedule

General Programming: 

From Oct 11 – Nov 11, the following general programming will be observed.

Thu: Regular Wod

Fri: Open Gym (No Programmed Wod)

Sat: Regular Wod

Sun: Regular Wod

Mon: 2020 CF Games Open Workout

Tue: Regular Wod

Wed: Regular Wod

Community Event Schedule:

10/10 Thursday Draft Live w/ Captains (700-800p)

Open Community Events:

10/11 Wk 1 Friday Night Lights (6-8p)

10/18 Wk 2 Friday Night Lights (6-8p)

10/26 Wk 3 Saturday Main Event (12p-2p) *Halloween Theme*

11/2 Wk 4 Saturday Main Event (12p-2p)

11/8 Wk 5 Friday Night Lights (6-8p)

11/15 End of Open Friday Awards Ceremony (730-930p)