2019 CFV Intramural Open Rules

The following rules and regulations are in effect for the Veracity Athletics Intramural Open during the 2019 CrossFit Games Open Season:

Overview: Four teams (captains are one coach + one member chosen by the CEO) will lead their teams comprised of reserves and randomly chosen CFV members registered in the 2019 CrossFit Games Open. A point system based mostly on participation during community events will determine the 2019 CFV Intramural Champion.

Purpose: Our focus is on inclusion instead of competition. Celebrating the effort more than the outcome. Enjoying the process regardless of the parameters!

Teams – General: Members must be registered for the Open before being placed on a team. Because scoring would favor the larger team, the following “Draft Schedule” will be implemented:

2 weeks out: 4 reserved people (btwn co-captains) + draft of the rest (Draft Day on Thu Feb 7)

1 week out: 2 reserved person (btwn co-captains) + draft of the rest (Draft Day on Thu Feb 14)

Final week: free market (through Mon Feb 25)

Whoever is not reserved and registered for the Open by the Draft Day per the schedule will be placed in a hat and picked by captains at random via Instagram live. White board will be created with team names and rosters.

Teams – Reservations: Captains are to civilly attempt to reserve any member for their team. They must post a picture on social media with their recruit or it never happened! The picture must have the reserved member holding a sign written in their own handwriting with the date and the team they are pledging allegiance to along with a captain – a screenshot of video messaging is acceptable. There will be a penalty of being unable to guess open workouts if it is discovered that photoshopping occurred or captains are participating in pre-recruitment antics (e.g. ‘don’t register until after X day so I can “reserve” you for my team’).

Scoring – Captains: The captains are required to submit their reserved pictures and community event info to the Intramural Manager (teammates who cheered, worked out, got a PR first) so he/she can apply the points to your team accordingly. If neither captain submits info for scoring, their team does not get points for that week.


Drafts – see above

Open Community Events:

Wk 1 Thursday Throwdown

Wk 2 Friday Night Lights

Wk 3 Saturday Main Event

Wk 4 Sunday Showdown

Wk 5 Friday Night Lights

Scoring: Winning Team gets names on a banner to be raised in the gym and a group outing with the coaches!

0 Points How you finish in the ranking. As you see below, points are awarded based mostly on participation.

1 Point for every athlete who completes a given Open workout (do overs will not get extra points).

1 Point for every athlete who submits their score on game.crossfit.com by 8PM EST on the Monday following the workout release.

1 Point for every athlete who achieves a PR first in a workout. (Fine Print: This could be your first Double Under, TTB, Pull-up, 95# Clean, 225# Deadlift, etc. It must have happened for the first time the day of the Open workout (Scout’s Honor), and you must also have done it in the Open workout as well (as opposed to in the warm-up only). Quirky things like Unbroken rep PRs or fastest 500m Row split will not be counted. If the workout is a repeat from a previous year’s Open (there is always one) and you PR, that will count.)

1 Point for every athlete who achieves a PR first and posts a video of it or Podium Pic (photo of you with a mini whiteboard that says what your PR was) on social media and tags @crossfitveracity so we can keep track.

2 Points for each athlete who cheers on their teammates at Open Community Events

3 Points for each athlete who does the workout at Open Community Events

3 Points Spirit of the Games (individual). Judged on by a comprehensive, unbiased group of coaches at the end of each week.

5 Points Spirit of the Games (team). Judged on by the same group of coaches mentioned above. (Fine Print: This will be awarded based on the team that cheered the loudest, got dressed up in the most colorful or creative way, and/or athlete who threw down for their team in a most spectacular way. This is subjective and will be decided among the coaches with as little bias as possible. It is also the highest point award, so do your best to show team spirit!)

[-5 Points You didnʼt sign up for the Open or Intramural? But you want to crash the Open Community Events without bringing beer or food. (well actually I couldnʼt deduct points if you didnʼt sign up could I?) I think you get the Idea… Join in on the Party! ]

Intramural Open weekly scoring closes officially at 9PM EST the Wednesday after the Open workout is announced, and will be tracked on a special whiteboard in the gym.

We will have our annual End of Open celebration scheduled to avoid holidays / local schools’ winter breaks.