Sunday Outline: 8/14 – 8/20

Time to Pump Up the Volume!
Mon: Sprints, then Back Squat, Lunges & PP
Tues: Overhead Press drills, then PP, Push Jerk & Split Jerk
*Silver Steps @ 11:00 am
Wed: CTB, DL, PC & FS, then TTB, DU & DL
Thurs: Open Gym ~ Athlete’s Choice
*Silver Steps @ 10:30 am
Fri: Snatch & OHS, then Row, Lunges, KBS & HSPU
Sat: Front Squats, then Pull Ups, Air Squats, & AMSU
Sun: Partner work with DB Bent Over Row, HBR & Row Sprints
*Morning Yoga @ 8:30 am