Legend For Common CrossFit Terms

WOD: WorkOut of the Day
Rx: ‘As Prescribed’ (re: configuration of weight and movements)
#: Pounds (lbs)

AMRAP: As Many Rounds As Possible
AHAP: As Heavy As Possible

PR: Personal Record
ME: Max Effort
21-15-9: Does not equal negative 3, but you’ll wish it did
BJ: Box Jump
BS: Back Squat
TT: Time Trial
PP: Push Press
PJ: Push Jerk
BC: Bear Crawl
AMSU: AbMat Sit Up
FWW: Floor Windshield Wipers
Tabata: A combined interval of 20 seconds of maximal effort immediately followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times
DL: Deadlift
SDLHP: Sumo Deadlift High Pull
FS: Front Squat
OHS: OverHead Squat
HPS: Hang Power Snatch
HPC: Hang Power Clean
C&J: (Power) Clean and (Push) Jerk
CTB: Chest to Bar
TTB: Toes to Bar
RMU: Ring Muscle Up
BMU: Bar Muscle Up

DU: Double Under (aka dubz)
RC: Rope Climb
HSPU: Hand Stand Push Up
HBWW: Hollow Body Walk Walk (formerly HSWU)
KB: Kettle Bell
GHD: Glute-Ham Developer


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