Sloane Skolnik

Coach, Silver Steps Coach, Semi Golf Pro

Flashback to 2012… I would repeatedly drive by a small storefront with a sign that read “Crossfit Veracity” on my way home from the globo gym I had belonged to for years. I had heard of Crossfit but wasn’t exactly sure what it was. I’ve never been one to let something new pass me by, and so my curiosity got the best of me and I had to check it out.

I was hooked immediately after my trial class. But that didn’t mean it was easy. I vividly remember the first time I tried to do a pull up. The coach told me to just jump up on the bar and try to pull myself up. I don’t think I moved up at all, but I did quickly fall down to the floor! Challenge accepted! Somehow I would figure out how to do a pull up — and I did. It took about a year or so, but I did it. And now pull ups are one of my favorite movements.

Fast forward years later, I have my Level 1 certification and now I’ve become the coach encouraging members to jump up on the bar. Although I had thought about coaching for a few years, it was my box mates encouragement that convinced me to register for training. And I’m so glad they did. Coaching is just as much fun as being a participant in class. Seeing someone PR anything, big gains or small achievements, is exciting! It could be a first box jump, pull up or muscle up… I’m proud to be a part of it. I have met the most wonderful people at CFV – athletes of all different abilities, ranging in age from teens to seniors in their 70s. Guiding them through a workout as a coach, or sweating beside them in class as a member, is a continually satisfying experience.

My whole life I was an exercise fanatic. I jumped around from being a runner, boot camp addict, you name it, but had never stuck with one thing long term because I would get bored. Crossfit is never boring. At CFV, you get a little bit of everything – and a passionate community to help keep you moving and motivated!


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified – ANSI Accredited